Lonely Planet: Miami is developing a ten-mile urban park just like New York’s popular High Line

Thanks Lonely Planet for the compliment that The Underline will be just like the spectacular urban park the High Line in New York:

Yes, we do have similarities:
1. We share the same award-winning design team, James Corner Field Operations
2. The Underline is be linear like the High Line, but The Underline will be 4x longer.
3. We feature native vegetation and reforestation of the urban core.
4. We have engaging, community building exercise and performance art entertainment.
5. We have an outdoor gallery of temporary and permanent artwork.

But we also have differences:
1. The Underline is at ground level and the High Line is elevated.
2. The Underline is 100′ wide and the High Line is 30′ wide
3. The Underline has an urban trail for pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders and more.
4. The Underline has street crossings, the High Line does not.
5. The Underline is warm year ’round … it gets pretty chilly in NYC during the winter!

Here’s what LP has to say about The Underline: “Miami is poised to become the next city to transform an under-utilized urban corridor into a public green space where locals and visitors alike can walk, bike and enjoy being outside.” Read more here.