The Underline Brickell Backyard Construction Update summer 2019

The Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) continues construction of the first phase of The Underline – the Brickell Backyard. The Brickell Backyard project consists of a half-mile long segment below Metrorail that extends from the Miami River to SW 13th Street (Coral Way).

Construction is progressing according to schedule. As a safety requirement, construction fencing has has been erected between SW 1st Court and SW 1st Avenue, from the Miami River to SW 10th Street providing for a 5’ sidewalk for access by pedestrians and transit riders. The sidewalk width follows the Miami-Dade County and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) construction guidelines. Here is a breakdown of work taking place now, and of work that will be taking place in the construction area in the weeks to come:

Now through July 1st
1. Pedestrians are being routed with Longitudinal Channeling Devices (LCDs) to the roadway of SW 1st Court, where the new edge of pavement will be, once construction is completed. This area will then be tapered back to the bus bay area. In addition, the bus bay was shortened, and bus stops were relocated a little further north.
2. Fencing on SW 1st Court will be extended to 11th Street, and pedestrians will be detoured to the sidewalk on the west side of SW 1st Court.
3. Fencing also will be extended on SW 1st Avenue, now from 10th to 11 Street. Bus riders will still have access to bus shelters on SW 1st Avenue near the Brickell Metrorail station.
4. The east-west sidewalk, between SW 1st Court and SW 1st Avenue and south of the Brickell Metrorail station, will be eliminated.
Week of July 1st:
5. Switch fencing to construct the outer portion of the block between SW 9th and 10th streets. Pedestrians will be routed to the new sidewalk on the west side of the block. This phase will last approximately one month (scheduled to be completed the week of August 5th).

Week of August 5th
At this time, the contractor is scheduled to build the area in front of the Brickell Metrorail station. To ensure access to the Metrorail station, the sidewalks and plaza will be rebuilt in two sections. This phase will last approximately one week (scheduled to be completed the week of August 12th).

All scheduled dates are approximate and are subject to change due to weather conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances.

The Underline will enhance communities and improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety by providing new dedicated pedestrian and bicycle trails, an improvement of three signalized intersections, reconfiguration of bus bays at the bus patron seating areas Brickell Metrorail station, and enhanced lighting and landscaping.

The Brickell Backyard project is scheduled to be complete in June 2020 and will have a number of amenities that include:
An outdoor gym area with a basketball court and gym equipment with space for group exercise classes
An outdoor stage for concerts, movies, yoga and other group activities
An outdoor dining area and gaming tables
A dog friendly area, butterfly gardens, public art and more

Your patience is appreciated as Miami-Dade County and Friends of The Underline work to transform the underutilized land below Miami’s Metrorail system into a 10-mile linear park, world-class urban trail and living art destination that will also serve as an anchor for smart development.

For general information about The Underline, please visit: and/or .

Should you have any questions about this upcoming work, or have any concerns you would like to share with us, please contact me, Karla Damian, DTPW Public Information Officer, at 786-469-5420, or via email at: .