We Appreciate Our Volunteers

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week!

So we want to celebrate Friends of The Underline loyal volunteers who are passionate about The Underline every day and help our dedicated non-profit do more than we are staffed to do.

Seven years ago we advocated to create a world class linear park, urban trail and community destination below Metrorail.  In that time, our volunteers have fueled The Underline’s progress by contributing their expertise, time, and wallets to advance The Underline project, our mission and vision. From donating thousands of hours of expert legal, accounting, and marketing advice and providing leadership as board members to volunteering at free community yoga classes and bike rides, our volunteers are crucial to the operations, programming and fundraising of our organization.

Below a handful of those volunteers share why they chose to support Friends of The Underline 501(c)(3).  If you see any of these folks around town or at an Underline event, please say “thank you” for giving back and for helping to create a brighter future for our community for generations to come.

Daniel Balmori, Sr. Associate Hogan Lovells, Friends of The Underline pro bono attorney
“I volunteer with The Underline because I believe that public spaces reflect and promote public values. We deserve more active, connected, engaging, welcoming and world-class public spaces because we are all of those things.”

Irene Camberyo, Masters Candidate of Landscape Architecture FIU, Volunteer
“I volunteer my time to The Underline to help improve my community. It’s a chance to display our tropical gifts in an outdoor space that everyone will enjoy.”

Nick D’Annunzio, Tara Ink Principal, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“I am proud to be part of The Underline because it unites – not only people but communities. The Underline will be a new calling card for our county.”

Karen Gonzalez, Kimley Horn, Volunteer
“I volunteer because I dream of a more walkable and sustainable city and I believe in the power of The Underline to transform our community.”

Arden Karson, CBRE Sr. Managing Director South Florida, Friends of The Underline Executive Committee Board Member
“Seeing the impact that the High Line has in NYC really motivated me to get involved in a big way because I truly believe The Underline will be transformative for our community.”

Alex Larmier, Berkshire Hathaway EWM Realty, Underline Cycling Club Chair
“To do my part in helping shape Miami into a greener, more bike-friendly city!”

Ryan Marks, Kaufman Rossin Engagement Manager, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“ I believe The Underline will promote a cohesive and inclusive urban identity by bridging different neighborhoods.

Josh Merkin, rbb Communications Vice President, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“The Underline will make our community more connected while being part of the solution to address some of our bigger challenges such as transportation and green space.”

Salma Rahmathulla, Pelicans Group Director, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“It’s a chance to celebrate what’s special about Miami. It’s botanical beauty, art and creativity, and the richness of its diverse communities. It’s what this city has been waiting for!”

Brent Reynolds, NRI CEO and Managing Partner, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“Creating communities which connect people to their environment in a healthy and meaningful way has always been a focus and passion of mine and that is what the Underline is doing!”

Alicia Torrez, Media Relations Group, LLC/ Florida Department of Transportation, Volunteer
“I volunteer because the project bridges our communities and connects our people. The Underline represents the future of Miami and I am proud to be a part of it!”

Pamela Warren, Comcast, Volunteer
“As a Miami native, I have a deep affection for our communities. By donating my time to make Miami a better place supporting this incredible mission is an honor.”

Eric Zichella, Principal P3 Management, Friends of The Underline Board Member
“We Love Miami
We Want to Make it Better
Support Underline”

On another note, we want to thank all the people who go to work every day during the coronavirus pandemic.  From driving buses, to delivering food and mail to picking up garbage, thanks for keeping us safe while you keep the wheels of the community turning.

Thanks to all of you!