Midweek Mindfulness with The Underline
Wed May 20, 12:00 p.m.

Isolation + Uncertainty + Remote Working = Stress. Recognizing the many stressors related to the coronavirus, social distancing, and isolation, The Underline is now offering weekly virtual Midweek Mindfulness meditation beginning Wednesday, May 20th at noon. In just 15 minutes you can lift the fog, quiet the mental chatter, learn to listen to yourself, and connect with your breath. In just 15 minutes, the outside world loses its grip on your inside world – where the peace is. And, we think we all could use more of that.

Led by Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Breathwork Therapist Christina Casado and powered by Baptist Health South Florida, these weekly meditation sessions will help us recharge, release, and renew.

Zoom links are provided for the class upon registration. Please remain muted during the duration of the class. Having your camera on is optional. Please join 5 minutes before the session starts.

Friends of The Underline is a small non-profit organization and we humbly ask that you consider making a donation in these challenging times at theunderline.org/donate, or when you register, to support our free, community programming year-round. Visit theunderline.org to receive updates on other Underline programs and events and follow us @theunderlinemia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use #UnderlineYoga to be included in our social media.