Chen 4 CBS Miami: faz youn nan Miyami-Dade The Underline , Brickell Backyard , Fini

Fevriye 26, 2021
pa Meg Daly

The first of three phases for The Underline is now complete! Brickell Backyard, Phase 1 of The Underline is half a mile, open, and ready to serve our community. It’s been a long time in the making, and the projects 10-miles won’t be completed in full until 2025. But did you know it is still one of the fastest moving projects of it’s scope in the United States? Channel 4 CBS Miami does! They joined our opening day on Friday Feb 26, 2021, and heard it from our founder, Meg Day. 

See their coverage for our opening event  “Phase One of Miami-Dade’s The Underline, Brickell Backyard, Is Complete” here.