What Does Repairing Infrastructure Have to Do With Healing Communities? Everything.

Our pro-bono attorney, Daniel Balmori, has recently published an article in the Daily Business Review studying the correlation between infrastructure improvement and healing communities.

As Congress works on FAST Act and the INVEST in America Act legislation, both specific to US infrastructure investment, the focus is on new capital projects. What a lot of people don’t realize is that repurposing of existing infrastructure is also valuable. For example, the High Line in New York, Beltline in Atlanta, and The Underline in Miami are new facilities built from either abandoned or underutilized spaces and infrastructure.  

These types of projects are popping around the country, both in large and smaller markets.  While the focus has been on economic return on investment, which is substantial.  These projects are also revitalizing communities that were, in many cases, divided by interstates, railways, and major roadways.  This repurposed infrastructure provides community-building, public spaces and multi-modal options to residents including mass-transit, roads, multi-use trails, and greenspace.

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