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How did you decide where to build The Underline?

The footprint for the Underline comprises the area beneath the Metrorail, from the Miami River to Dadeland South, and is owned by Miami-Dade County. Once you cross over the Miami River, the area beneath the Metrorail is owned by different entities, and thus becomes more complicated to unify through a single project.

Once the current phases of the Underline are completed, we will be mapping how pedestrians and cyclists can cross the river and connect to north, west, and east access points along the path.

Photo credit: Robin Hill ©2020

Additional Questions

What are the park rules?

To ensure your space is beautiful every day, please follow these rules:

Drive a car on the trails
Walk on plants
Sit on railing or climb fences
Carry glass bottles or alcohol, unless permitted
Block entrances or paths
Skateboard on the furniture
Conduct commercial activity, except by permit

Enjoy free WiFi, brought to you by Hotwire
Experience the nature and the activity of our urban respite
Leash your dog
For emergencies, call 911.
Identify the nearest mile marker or column number.

Contact the on-call manager at 305-603-9895 with park questions or concerns.

I have an idea for The Underline. 
How do I send it to you?

One of our top priorities is getting the community involved in the plans for The Underline!

What types of programming and amenities will be available once The Underline is built?

Along the estimated 120 acres, the linear park and urban trail will feature amenities including butterfly gardens, dog parks, exercise equipment, basketball court, mini-soccer pitch, sound stages and monumental art. To serve users of all ages, The Underline will feature numerous health and wellness, meditation, cultural, educational and environmental programming.

What are you doing about safety for bicyclists and pedestrians?

User safety is one of our biggest concerns. Currently the MPath, the bike path underneath the Metrorail, has limited lighting or amenities, and needs wider and safer crosswalks. All of these, and other safety issues, are being addressed.

What does security look like on the future Underline?

The Underline will include ample lighting, patrolling security, and CC cameras along the trail.

How will The Underline be maintained?

Management, maintenance, and programming will be done via a public 501C3 called The Underline Management Organization.

Will there be WiFi?

Yes! Plans are in the works to include WiFi along The Underline.

Will there be bathrooms?

Currently, the Underline’s master plan does not include public restrooms. The Underline is adjacent to many commercial establishments that provide easily accessible public bathrooms and are available inside Metrorail stations for riders.

What is the total budget for The Underline’s design and construction?

The total projected cost of the Underline is $110—$120 million, which includes:
$80 million for the two trails, lighting, seating, native landscaping, and other amenities.
$20 million for intersections improvements (over 30 intersections).
$20 million for destination parks.

How is the project being funded?

Notable funding sources include: Miami-Dade County; the State of Florida; FDOT; the cities of Miami, Coral Gables, and South Miami; the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; the Miami Foundation; the Health Foundation of South Florida; and Mitchell Wolfson Foundation.

For a complete breakdown of current funding by phase, please refer to our Progress page. Additional future funding will similarly derive from a mix of public and private sources.

Do you disclose Friends of The Underline financial activities?

Yes, Friends of The Underline is a 501C3 non-profit organization, and our most recent financials can be found on Guidestar.

Where will my donations go?

Your donations will be used to help support the mission of Friends of The Underline. We are a 501C3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax-deductible. We really appreciate your support!

How can I donate?

You can donate online through our website, or send a check made out to Friends of The Underline and mailed to:

Friends of The Underline
1172 South Dixie Highway #559
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Every tax-deductible dollar you donate will support our mission and will contribute to a safer and more beautiful Miami. If you have questions, please contact Amy Rosenberg at 305-610-8091 or amy.rosenberg@theunderline.org.

How can I honor or memorialize my loved ones within the park?

We have naming opportunities within the park starting at a $1000 contribution, and we welcome your support. For more information, contact Amy Rosenberg at 305-610-8091 or amy.rosenberg@theunderline.org

What is the MPath? Will The Underline and MPath be closed until the entire project is built?

The MPath is an existing asphalt path below Metrorail. During construction, the MPath will be accessible to cyclists and pedestrians as always,but some detours might occur.

What does security look like on the future Underline?

The Underline will include ample lighting, patrolling security, and CC cameras along the trail.

Photo credit (top): Robin Hill ©2020