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“Technology will be the connective tissue that links the people, places and activities within The Underline’s 120 acres.”

– Meg Daly, Founder of Friends of The Underline

What does technology mean for parks and public spaces?

We aim to connect and inspire our community by creating nature, educational, and health and wellness focused experiences and resources for individuals to step outside their home and enjoy the fresh air in the urban areas of Miami while still being connected.

  • Inform park-goers about the many resources, activities, and programs available on The Underline
  • Encourage people in the community to spend time in nature and learn about the local flora and fauna, history and culture of Miami
  • Work with the surrounding community to identify needs and to develop technology solutions collaboratively.

Please see The Underline Tech Master Plan here.

Technology initiatives

  • Free public WiFi courtesy Hotwire Communications
  • Enhancing the physical park experience
  • Providing online/virtual events and programming
  • Making technology resources more accessible to the community
  • Safety, privacy and security
  • Educational resources and games for kids
  • Real time information about public transportation and mobility
  • Social and civic engagement
  • Educational resources featuring local flora and fauna
  • Enhancing civic and social engagement
  • Providing technology resources and education
  • Creating multi-lingual content with Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation tools

Foundation of Community Research

Conversations with local community organizations featuring different neighborhoods near The Underline in order to collect feedback from the community about what technology challenges and interests they are inspired by and want to explore and what issues they would like to address. Our aim is to reach neighborhoods near and far – not just ones closest to The Underline.

Projects and Partnerships

Exploring technology on The Underline would not be possible without the support of our incredible community partners, who have donated their time, funds and resources.

Visitors will be able to:

  • Play an educational Augmented Reality game developed by Miami Dade College, accessing more information about what you can do on The Underline.
  • Learn about what is happening along The Underline, such as free events, programming and activities.
  • GPS where you need to go.
  • Contact us with questions or give us feedback.
  • And as always – support The Underline by donating.

The Underline Tech Council

Jon Belgrad – Program Officer, Knight Foundation

Josh Schertzer – Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Enterprise Technology, Blackstone

Galen Treuer – Climate Tech and Economic Innovation Manager, Miami-Dade County

Jacky Wright – Chief Technology and Platform Officer, McKinsey

Francesca “Cesi” de Quesada Covey – Chief Economic Development and Innovation Officer, Miami-Dade County

Jordan Bargas – Senior Vice President, Related Companies

Dustin Goodwin – Head of Technology, ZCG Consulting

Lucas Hernandez – Global Partnerships Lead, Microsoft Philanthropies

Gregory Galant – CEO, Muckrack

Maja Vujinovic – Managing Director, OGroup

Mike Novak – EVP, Information Technology & Cyber Security, Hotwire Communications

Natalie Perez – Sr. Associate Global Regulatory, Hogan Lovells

More information here.

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