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Miami Herald: With the help of The Underline, comes a safer future for pedestrians and cyclists | Editorial

March 18, 2021
by Meg Daly

Thank you Miami Herald Editorial Board for acknowledging the critical need to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale region. In the 2021 Dangerous By Design study, this region is the most dangerous place for people to walk.  

“The Miami-Dade-Fort Lauderdale region was just rated among the most dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. Truth be told, that’s nothing new. We have long been a car-centric region. Vehicles are kings of the road here, pedestrian and bicyclists second-class, and endangered, citizens.

But in the year of the pandemic, during which many of us have acquired a fondness for long walks and bicycle rides — and just as Phase I of The Underline, a long-awaited park below the elevated Metrorail tracks stretching from Brickell to the South Miami area opened its first leg last month — it’s concerning to learn that the battle among pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles continues in high gear. As the pandemic recedes, that’s one “normal” to which we should not return.”

Read the complete editorial here.