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Friends of The Underline Welcomes Ira Leesfield to its Board of Directors

March 21, 2023
by Meg Daly

Ira Leesfield

Friends of The Underline (FUL) elected Ira Leesfield, long-time public safety champion and community service advocate to the Board of Directors during the March 15, 2023 Board meeting. 

Led by twenty-two of Miami’s philanthropic and corporate leaders, The Friends of The Underline Board of Directors is advocating for and delivering a 120-acre, 10-mile multimodal trail and linear park below the Miami Metrorail. The project’s transformational and pioneering vision positively impacts public safety, mobility, resiliency and community and benefits from a Board of Directors with a diverse set of skills and experience. 

Mr. Leesfield is one of Miami’s, and the country’s, premier product liability and consumer safety attorneys, and is a founding member and managing partner of the law firm Leesfield Scolaro. With years of experience litigating serious traffic injury cases involving motorcycle and bicycle accidents, Leesfield has a strong understanding of the importance of public safety. 

Leesfield served on two Presidential Committees under President Clinton and continues to make philanthropy a priority through The Leesfield Family Foundation. The foundation is  dedicated to community service through scholarships, women’s and children’s initiatives, and disaster relief. Leesfield and his family’s philanthropy continue on The Underline with a legacy gift of $250,000 to sponsor a dedicated native garden area directly across the street from the Leesfield Scolaro Law Offices on US1 in Coconut Grove.  

“The Underline will be our Office’s new ‘front yard’ neighbor, and Miami will have a visionary green space. Every global city identifies with a world-class park and The Underline is ours,” said Leesfield “I’m honored to join this incredible Board of Directors and assist in the expansion of The Underline.”

Friends of The Underline is grateful for the Leesfield family’s investment in the next phase of the park. Private philanthropy supports the continued success and expansion of free community programming on The Underline. 

“Ira’s commitment to community service and public safety, as well as his law firm’s proximity to The Underline, make him a welcome addition to our dynamic board,” said Meg Daly, Friends of The Underline Founder. 

About Friends of The Underline

Our mission is to deliver and activate a 120-acre, world-class linear park spanning 10-miles below Miami’s Metrorail that will transform regional mobility and celebrate diversity, culture and lifelong learning. Through innovative urban trails and creative programming, we are connecting people to their environment and each other to create a safe, healthy, equitable, and sustainable community. For more information visit