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The Miami Foundation Grant Fuels Environmental Stewardship at The Underline

June 27, 2023
by Meg Daly

The Miami Foundation recently awarded The Underline, Miami’s 10-mile urban trail, linear park and public art destination, a generous $90,000 grant. This significant grant will support the park’s environmental stewardship efforts fostering a vibrant ecosystem and empowering visitors to contribute to the preservation of Miami’s native habitat and diverse ecosystem.

The grant funds will be allocated to several crucial initiatives to create a sustainable and pollinator-friendly environment throughout The Underline with hundreds of thousands of native plants and trees. A portion of the funds will be invested in funding the Horticulturist staff position who oversees the care and maintenance of the park’s flora. The horticulturist also spearheads educational activities including organizing hands-on volunteer gardening events, the Green Leaders apprenticeship program, and cultivating  community stewardship of the park’s preservation.

In addition to staff support, the grant will fund the purchase of native and pollinator plants, ensuring the infilling of areas within the butterfly gardens that require special attention. By expanding and enriching the vegetation along the trail, The Underline creates a haven for local pollinators and native insects, fostering a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem.

The grant will also help maintain and support Climate Champs, a citizen science education program. Climate Champs provides students and visitors digital access to a curriculum about the long- and short-term benefits of the park and why protecting nature in our community is vital to our planet’s future. The program empowers individuals to become stewards of the land, flowers, and plants along the trail, actively contributing to the preservation of Miami’s natural heritage.

 “Resiliency is one of The Underline’s core pillars. The Miami Foundation’s generous 2-year grant will support the development and expansion of our unique Climate Champs program that provides digital access to a science-based curriculum about our nature-based solutions that foster urban environmental resilience,” The Underline’s Founder and CEO, Meg Daly said.  “The Miami Foundation’s investment in community, nature and learning will help generate Miami’s next generation of environmental stewards.”

The Underline is an ambitious project that will transform the land below Miami’s Metrorail into a vibrant 10-mile linear park, fostering recreation, connectivity, and cultural experiences for residents and visitors alike. The Miami Foundation’s grant supports The Underline’s bold vision of  promoting environmental resiliency, safe mobility, health and wellness and community. 

About the Miami Foundation 

The Miami Foundation builds the philanthropic, civic, and leadership backbone for Greater Miami. Since 1967, the Foundation has invested $505 million to strengthen our community with partnerships and contributions from more than 1000 fundholders and 35,000 donors. The Miami Foundation, which currently manages over $427 million in assets, mobilizes donors, nonprofits, leaders, and locals to set a bold vision for our community’s future and to invest in a stronger, more equitable, more resilient Greater Miami.

About The Underline

The Underline is a planned 10-mile linear park and trail in Miami, Florida, set to transform the land below the Metrorail into a vibrant public space. The Underline will connect communities, foster active transportation and recreation, and offer engaging cultural experiences. By creating a safe and green corridor, The Underline aims to promote environmental sustainability and enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors.