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About the Work

Typoe Sculpture Garden transforms a section of the 10-mile linear park into a vibrant and surreal gathering area. Typoe’s large scale sculptural icons are inspired by children’s building blocks. The works reference the history of blocks as groundbreaking educational tools that foster and challenge the creativity in all of us. These shapes resonate both with children and adults encouraging joy, play and creativity. The artist has created many of his own shapes referencing art history, fashion, nature, connectivity, and the after life. Two constant themes throughout the blocks are balance, and how we build the world around us. If we had no limits, what kind of world would we create?

“This park is my love letter to Miami. It is something I hope the entire community can come to enjoy and experience together. My dream has always been to design parks and public spaces, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to make my dream into reality with The Underline and Airbnb” said Typoe. “As I grew up here, I have always been highly influenced by the Art Deco movement, and it’s a tradition that I wanted to keep in the city, but in a fresh modern way.”


This work has been made possible through the generous support of Airbnb and Nasdaq.

Typoe and EstudioLAAVA

Typoe is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice plays upon the constant tension between the dark recesses of the urban underground and the shimmering bling of celebrity. Based in Miami, Typoe has participated in gallery and museum shows around the world and exhibited his work in Mexico City, New York, LosAngeles, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Basel, Switzerland and beyond, with his most recent showing at theWarhol Museum. He is co-founder and Creative Director of PRIMARY, an art collective and gallery inMiami’s Design District and Little River

EstudioLAAVA is an Architecture & Design studio founded by two Cuban born immigrants that came to  the United States in 2008, Adrian Aranda and Laura de la Vega.  Adrian and Laura have worked on multiple residential and commercial projects and on art installations. Most recent works have been Perrier Installation for Art Basel 2021 – 22, YoungArts Initiative 2016 – 18,  Installation at the SLS, Little Haiti Station, Collins Park Garage, David Beckham Stadium, among others.